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We are proud of having created the most realistic and glowing candle possible using a complete new LED-technology.


Glow Collection is a designer candle that gives an effect as realistic as a burning candle with beautiful reflections to the surroundings. Extensive research of burning candles has been carried out in order to create a living and authentic candle light.

Glow Collection raises the LED-candle experience to a higher level, and maximizes the endless possibilities for the use of candles to create the much loved Scandinavian feel of “hygge”- a cosy atmosphere.

The natural and graceful movement of the flame makes our candle revolutionary and unique. And you are able to see the beautiful flame from all sides.

Further Glow Collection is much better as these candles are environmentally friendly with no emission and no risk of causing a fire
, so you can place the candles anywhere you want without any worries.

We are dedicated continuing to create new designs in the collection ensuring your endless enjoyment of these unique candles.



Design Collection designed with an outer casing of finish in matt black, warm red, brass, copper or steel. All finishes are protected against oxidation – no polishing required.

The glass candle top is made from exquisite blown glass. A black wick placed within the wax flame enhances the effect of a burning candle.

All candles in the Design Collection measure 13cm tall and 8cm in diameter

Wax Collection is available in three different heights and in a choice of Pure White, Ivory or Rustic Ivory finish. Will soon be available in themed finishes as well.

The candles measure 13cm, 19cm or 24cm tall and all are 8cm in diameter.

The wick is white. The candles are made from handmade quality wax ensuring the appearance of a real burning candle.


Glow Collection have developed their own symbols which gives an easy explanation of use and features.
By using the pointer at the symbol the explanation appears.

  • Bruger 2 x AA batteries = +200 timerUses 2 x AA batteries = +200 timer
  • Ingen brandfareNo risk of fire
  • Ren luftClean air
  • Tåler ikke vandDo not tolerate water
  • Patent ansøgt teknologiPatentet technology
  • Forberedt til fjernbetjening fra Glow CollectionReady to be used with remote from Glow Collection
  • SodfriSoot free
  • Timer funktionTimer function

Also sold in the following shops at  Kop & Kande Hvidovrevej 129, 2650 Hvidovre,   Peter Bangsvej 78 st, 2000 Frederiksberg,   Gammel Kongevej 86, 2000 Frederiksberg,   Jernbane Alle 40, 2720 Vanløse,   Centertorvet 4, 3660 Stenløse,  
Jernbanegade 42, 3600  Frederikssund,   Nørregade 17, 3300  Frederiksværk,   Taastrup Hovedgade 56, 2630  Taastrup,   Algade 43b, 4000  Roskilde,   Torvet 9, 3400 Hillerød,   
Herlev Hovedgade 21, 2730  Herlev