Designcandles with a glossy surfaces are supplied with a protective film which should be removed.

Designcandles in brass, copper or steel are all protected from oxidation, and therefore should not be polished.

One of the great advantages is that the lights can be used outside as they are not sensitive to wind or move, thanks to the light source which is incorporated under the wax house.

The lights can not stand to be left out in the rain or wet weather.


All lights are assembled by hand, therefore you will also find that the moving feature in the flame can be slightly different from light to light.


Timer function on the bottom of the light and is activated by moving the lever to the timer function. This activates immediately a 5 hour light function followed by a 19 hour sleep function.
Example: If you want the lights to turn on automatic at 5 pm every day - then the timer must be activated at 5 pm.

If you turn off the light with the remote  control this will disconnect the timer function and the timer function must be deactivated and activated againg to function

If you wish to use the timer function please be aware that this feature uses power from the battery.


It comes with a small plastic strip which is removed before use.
Then press the ON and OFF buttons alternately between 5-10 times to activate the circuit to the battery.

The infrared receiver is located at the top of the light so you must use point the remote control at the top of the candle. 

Maximum distance for the remote control is 3 meters.

The remote control is deliberately designed very simply with an ON and OFF button without any timer funciton not to create confusion about when the timer function is enabled or not.


Both design and wax collection uses 2 x AA batteries.

The life expectancy of 2 x AA long life batteries for example, Duracell + Power batteries are +200 hours.

If your light starts flashing, it's a low battery level.
When your light begins to flash or can not turn on anymore, simply replace the batteries.

In the remote a CR2025 battery is being used. This can easily be replaced by pulling aside the small button and pull out the battery drawer